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Crave & Rate

Stalking and Scoring

‘In the loop’ is a phrase that officially refers to a group of people to whom information is circulated. The joy of Toadsquare is that you can be active in hundreds of loops – keeping up-to-date with a wide collective of creative individuals or businesses you have added to your Craves.

Crave – Click on the heart-shaped icon and you are following another member.

  • If you crave someone’s work, you receive notifications about similar work they put up.
  • Crave a someone’s Showcase Homepage and you are notified about everything they do on Toadsquare - what they are doing and saying, and what material they are releasing.
  • If you crave another member or their work, they can send you Tmail, which you collect in your Message Centre.

Think of Crave as a cross between Follow on Twitter, Like on Facebook and a Google Alert.

It is fun to follow the Crave chain. See who the Toadsquare members you admire crave. This is a fruitful way to introduce yourself to some great media through a chain of Showcases; all Craves, except for Work, are public on members’ Showcases.

Rate– Click on Rate and it does what it says on the tin!

  • This is the function that allows you to quickly leave an opinion of the quality of a member or their creative work. Rate someone and share your opinion.

  • The Square rating is on a 0 to 5 scale.
  • You can only rate once.
  • You see the average rating – do others agree with your verdict.