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Events (coming soon)

All the world’s a stage

and an exhibition space, a concert hall, a screening suite. From small cameo events to big blockbusters – there is always plenty to take in during time out wherever you are in the world.

Use Toadsquare to find events in any city in the world. Discover the latest shows of creative ingenuity on offer in your hometown or in a weekend destination or in a city your business travel has brought you to. It could be a trumpeted film festival, book fair, fashion show, art exhibition, film screening, concert, performance art or conference; or a more intimate event showcasing edgy new works.

Art – the product of all creativity - is the trace left by humans during our passage of time on Earth. If that sounds momentous, act on it! Maximise time. Find out what’s on. Be a sponge. Mop up the ideas and beauty and magic of events around the world. Discover what myriad events have to offer your creative vision. A rewarding way to make trips abroad cost-effective is turn every spare minute into a cultural experience.

Keep an eye out in Upcoming Events to see what’s on the way.

We’re committed to letting our creative members concentrate on their art. If you are putting on an event, let us help handle the organisation of ticket sales and reduce your stress levels.

You don’t have to handle cash or worry about managing sales at the door. We will issue the tickets, each identifiable by a unique number. You will get a list of tickets holders, who you can register at the door using your smart phone as a scanner with our Toadsquare App or by ticking them off on a list if you prefer to use a pen. Plus we’ll remind those with a ticket to come and notify them if you change the date.

We’ll also help fill seats at your next event by alerting those who craved the event and those who purchased tickets about the next one.

Top tips to promote your event:

  • Prior to your event, create anticipation in Upcoming Events. When you are about to launch, promote it and sell tickets through our Events section.

  • Use our publicity wizard to share your event on your Social Media Sites and email colleagues and friends.

  • Remember to link news, reviews and interviews to your event.

  • If you launch an event with multiple sessions, remember to add post-launch promotional images. We’ll notify members and let them how great your launch was!